Predictive analytics is our passion

mindfex is an Austrian based technology enterprise and a leading center of excellence, focusing on applied machine learning, artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

Our professionals are specialized in algorithm engineering, including development, tuning and optimization of models for manifold predictive analytics and Big Data applications.

Unique models and better services due to customization, top accuracy, high performance and large scaling.

The mindfex team has more than 10 years of hands-on experience, especially in the supervised learning area. We focus on time series and structured data, solving problems in the domains of binary classification, multiclass classification, regression and ranking.

Our algorithms are used in a wide variety of industries. Amongst others, we have worked on models for closing probabilities for opportunities, sports outcome predictions, derivative pricing, credit default probability, demand forecast in supply chain management, and many more.



Awards & international recognition

mindfex lead engineers Andreas Töscher and Michael Jahrer are well-known as Netflix Grand Prize winners. Furthermore, they have been top performers and winners of several relevant Kaggle competitions and KDD cups. By participating in these international scientific and industrial contests, our experts can compete with other machine learning leaders and ensure to stay on top.

Our analytics leaders have been frequently invited to international scientific conferences.
They are well-known experts and part of the leading machine learning community


Applied Machine Learning

Custom Model & Algorithm Engineering for agile and rapid prototyping or comprehensive Predictive Analytics services. Learn more about the mindfex core business and our packages offered.


AI/ML R&D partnership

We take care of all AI relevant activities and support our clients, being an external technology partner.


Consulting & Advisory

Our experienced team solves data science issues and assists your team to improve already existing AI approaches by applying clever feature design and ensemble techniques.
Furthermore we offer trainings and lectures, helping organizations to understand AI terminologies and disciplines.


mindfex Research

Our executives are part of the leading machine learning community. Learn more about their successful participation in competitions and their activities at machine learning conferences.



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